Website Malware & Security

Defend your website from viruses, malware and hackers.

Why do websites get hacked?

Hackers tend to target some businesses because they normally don’t have any security measures in place. Using advanced techniques, they find weaknesses in your website, placing malware which can rapidly spread viruses, steal information, and hijack computers or sites. This can damage your business’s reputation and could result in it being blacklisted by search engines and spam lists.

There are many different reasons behind these attacks but one of them is to use your companies reputation and name to spread malware and viruses to your visitors computer and steal their information.

Hacking is a serious threat, especially for individuals and small organizations who can be short on staff or the proper technical skills.

So, how can we help you secure your website?

We offer a service to clean and secure your website. We will charge R500* to clean your website, put the necessary measures in place to avoid future attacks and also get you off of blacklists.

*Please note that for larger websites this fee could be more.