Website Maintenance

These packages are good for all businesses that require frequent updates on their websites

Many clients do not desire to do their own website changes/updates. Therefore, we have created a system that allows savings on bulk purchases. Maintenance packages allow you to get work done at a lower hourly rate than our normal rate of R250 per hour.

What are the benefits of these maintenance packages?


Our maintenance packages are loaded in minutes. This means that if you buy a maintenance package, you will not be billed for the full hour if we only do 20 minutes of work. Instead, we will add the extra time as a credit for your future updates.


We are willing to work on more than one website per client under the same maintenance package.


Allow you to get work done at a lower hourly rate than our normal hourly rate.

Maintenance Package Rates:

Package Cost Minutes Per Hour Rate
1 hour (Normal Rate) R250 60 R250
3 hours R600 180 R200
5 hours R875 300 R175
10 hours R1500 600 R150
20 hours R2500 1200 R125

Please Note

– Maintenance packages are not refundable and are not transferable to any of our other services.
– Services included in hosting will not be billed for if a maintenance package is owned.