Website Development Services

We build websites that require custom pages and databases to be created.

Our website development projects are programmed from ground up to ensure that the client gets the desired outcome. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google and Trip Advisor are all considered custom website developments. We use HTML as foundation for all projects. We use PHP wherever we need to address server side scripting, and we use jquery when we need to address client side scripting. We use MySQL to store database information.

PHP is the leader of server side languages in use on the internet today. It runs on 75% of all web servers and is the power behind Word Press, Wikipedia, and the user-facing part of Facebook.

Website Development Services We Offer

  • Custom designed look and feel
  • Membership websites (register and login)
  • User profiles
  • Message boards (like discussion forums/user to user etc.)
  • Uploads/downloads (by users or admin)
  • Data capturing – allows users or admin to add information to a database
  • Listings
  • Search filtering – website/databases/listings etc.
  • Image galleries – linked to user profiles/listings etc.
  • Built in email notifications
  • A login for the website moderators/admin where they can manage clients/website content etc.
  • Admin sub domains
  • Sales systems – systems designed keep track of website sales
  • Payment integration (Netcash, Paypal, 2checkout etc.)
  • Access logs built in so the owner can see who did what and where

How much does our website development services cost?

Due to the nature of a custom website development, we cannot provide a fixed cost online. The costs are dependent on the website requirements. Our custom website developments Starts from R10 000 and varies from project to project.

A note regarding custom website developments: Some custom website developments could cost up to R50 000 or even R100 000 to develop. A well developed website could become an asset worth millions – It all depends on the business model.