About Connectweb

Connectweb was started in 2009, and continued to grow since then. In 2015 Connectweb was taken over by Willie Theron, also the owner of web development companies Cyberdevs (Established 2014) and Webcentrix (Established 2013). We have served hundreds of clients nationwide.

In 2016 we moved our base of operation to Bloemfontein. It is central to South Africa and we are currently expanding.

All over South Africa website developers seems to be disappearing and leave behind incomplete projects. However, we are here to stay. We are growing constantly and aim to become one of the largest website development companies in South Africa. We ensure that our clients receive the highest service in the website development sector.

About Owner

“Hi there. My name is Willie Theron and I am the owner of Connectweb and Cyberdevs, which are both managed by one team. I am the head developer and I manage all websites and projects done to ensure that every client is satisfied with our work and receives the highest possible service.

I am a programmer who spends most of my time in code, building complex website systems, building website assets or artificial intelligence challenges. I see my career as a hobby and have a passion for what I do. It’s challenging and I learn something new every day. I love my job.”

– Willie Theron

Feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions or concerns and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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