Welcome to Connectweb

Creating Your Online Identity

We have specialists in graphics, programming and marketing who oversee all projects undertaken. The graphics designers ensure that all projects are graphically appealing to the user. The programmers guarantee that the functionality is of the highest standard. The marketing specialists assist in setting up and maintaining an effective marketing strategy.

These specialists collaborate with each other to ensure the highest quality. We believe that the look of a website, its functionality, as well as an effective marketing strategy, are all key parts to unlocking a website’s potential to drive business.

We are a well established company serving more than 100 clients as far as Dubai, Australia and England to name a few. We use the the various means of communication available to best assist our clients regardless of their physical location.

Our Services

We offer all the below services, each with their own various affordable packages.

Website Design

R3,950+2 Payments
  • We build websites on a content management system which allows a user to easily make updates to their websites, without any advanced programming knowledge.

e-Commerce Website

R7,500+2 Payments
  • An eCommerce website is a fully functional online shopping system. This has an admin section that allows all updates, moderations or customer activity.

Website Development

R10,000+On milestones
  • A database driven development is a website developed through database interactions. These websites generally have little to no limitations.

Graphics Design

R250+On request
  • We offer Graphics Design services of the highest standard. A Graphics Designer will personally see to all corporate identity or related branding designs.

Website Hosting

  • All websites on the internet run from a server. Hosting is the cost to rent the disk space and bandwidth that makes your website accessible to the world.

Website Marketing

R1,000+On request
  • We have a marketing professional who can assist you in starting a marketing campaign that works best for your website.

Website Maintenance

R250+On request
  • Many clients do not desire to do their own website changes/updates. Therefore, we have created a system that allows savings on bulk purchases. Maintenance packages allow you to get work done at a lower hourly rate than our normal rate of R250 per hour.

Website Security

R500On request
  • We offer a service to clean and secure your website. We clean your website, put the necessary measures in place to avoid future attacks and also get you off of blacklists.